About Me

I’m Nicki Chacksfield, the founder of D’Artisan Digital, and a dynamic consultant with a clear focus on running Facebook and Instagram Ads for clients and using this amazing marketing tool to empower businesses.

I was trained by the UK’s leading Facebook Ads specialist – someone whose own training was delivered directly by Facebook – I work with ambitious independent businesses providing bespoke services in line with their specific resource needs.  By getting to know your business and your ideal customers well, I help you to effectively reach real audiences by building targeted Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns that bring a return on your investment.  I can also teach you how to do it for yourself.


I’ve always been involved in doing marketing well and doing things better to help businesses sell more.

My experience has taught me the impact of strong visuals and the relevance of understanding consumer behaviour and responses.

In digital marketing, my niche is Facebook & Instagram advertising.

The reason? They offer a huge variety of formats for strong, impactful visuals that can be placed in front of the right customers (when it’s done well!) and that can be optimised for the right results all levels of budgets (again when it’s done right).
In a visually oriented, click through, online world, I have the skills and know-how to reach the right customers in their feeds, on stories, and in Messenger. Advertising is my primary focus and as a member of a network of the best Facebook Marketers in the UK with access to some of the world’s leading experts, I am always up to date with the very latest opportunities provided by Facebook Ads Manager. This means that I’m perfectly placed to help independent businesses to champion growth, and this is something that makes me feel really rather good.

Thank you for checking in – please drop me a line to discover how I can help you reach more customers.