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I work with ambitious independent businesses with a great digital presence and a true drive for growth. They are prepared to invest in digital marketing to both build brand awareness and directly reach their perfect customers.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Investing in paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram is one of the most targeted tactics to reach real customers. When implemented and managed properly, it can be a hugely effective and efficient use of your advertising budget. This takes learned skills and knowledge of how best to use the opportunities in Facebook Ads Manager and the ever-changing Facebook algorithms, as well as time to test and refine campaigns. 

My role as your Facebook Ads Manager

I will conduct onboarding research via questionnaires and conversations so that I understand your business and your advertising objectives.

I will advise on and help you to put the right mechanism in place to help get the best return on your ad spend. 

I will design, create and manage your ad campaigns for your business, product, service or event in line with your objectives and budget.  

I will research and build your target audiences to place your ads in front of the right people.

I will create, implement and manage all the ads in an adset by:


working with supplied visuals and copy or creating them for you for a small additional fee


initially testing ads to discover what resonates with your audiences


monitoring ads to adjust and optimise them to get the best possible return on your ad spend and to avoid ad fatigue

I will manage your ad spend as though it is my own, always aiming to get the best return on your investment. I also provide advice on a recommended budget.

I will keep you in the loop as much as is required. I offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly updates depending on your preferences, with detailed data if required, or a more simple overview if that’s more you.


What's an ideal budget?

You will require a minimum monthly ad spend of £1000 per month as a starting point.  To scale your business, I will advise additional investment requirements in line with results.  

My management fees start at £1000 a month and vary according to the size of your campaigns.  

If your budgets do not initially extend to outsourcing ad campaign design and management, I offer ‘learn from me’ services.  As a minimum, these help you put the right mechanisms in place, get to grips with Facebook Ads Manager, and to start gaining tangible results. My ‘learn from me fees’ start at £150.


I politely request payment in advance. 

What results can I expect?

Great results come from well-designed campaigns using great content and polished mechanisms that are managed over time. Being prepared to invest time allowing for testing, learning, refining and optimising what resonates with your audience will help deliver positive returns. I advise you to consider a 3-month plan.

I will check your campaign daily, refining and changing what is needed to achieve the results you seek. My commitment is to provide you with transparency and direct, honest advice while taking great care of your budget, treating your investment as I would my own, optimising it, not wasting it. This means I will always advise stopping ads if I think this is the best option for your business.

Facebook frequently amends its algorithms and tools. It is, therefore, challenging to make specific guarantees on results. What I do guarantee is a highly trained expert eye on your campaign, backed up by world-class advice from the leading collective of recognised global Facebook experts.

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